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David Austin 


             I’ll  start  this chapter by thanking “Parfume Flower Company”  for the most beautiful and exquisite roses in the world: David Austin wedding roses.

            Many thanks to Thom De Vries and Federico Piva for their support and collaboration with our floristry school – “Flori cu Fitze Academy”.

           We had the pleasure of working with these spectacular roses in one of our floristry courses this November, where we taught the students how to make a hand tied bridal bouquet with David Austin Roses and Scented Peony Roses, all from Parfume Flower Company.

           The students fell instantly in love with these beautiful flowers.

           The roses I’ve received from this grower (Parfume Flower Company) are top quality.            

           I can tell you from my personal experience that the flowers last more then 10 days, at normal room temperature, after their arrival.

           So, if you want to work with premium quality flowers please know that I personally recommend them as the best product I’ve ever worked with.

 Notice :The roses are not being sold at the auction clock !!! -

as the company announces on their website:

         ‘’So, the best way to order is to contact your local wholesaler at least a week before you need the roses in your shop. Just ask roses from Parfume Flower Company. We know all wholesalers. And they know us!’’

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