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T  I  M  O      B  O   L  T  E


 10-11 August 

                                                                                  Start your journey now!

        For this year edition Alina invited Timo Bolte!


        The Masterclass is an advanced course and workshop where Alina Neacsa and her Flori cu Fitze team demonstrate our approach, and share our experience in organizing luxury events.

Your participation to our Masterclass event will provide you a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. 

        All events that we organize are unique. Why? Each Masterclass event has a distinct theme and a different location or decor; they are part of our creative experience as we constantly innovate while seeking improvement.


       Why should you attend?

Ask yourself if:

  • you ever organized an ample, luxurious event and if yes, you are interested in learning how to better organize future events

  • you are ready to advance your business or career by organizing larger events

  • you want to higher your standards and work for sophisticated clients

  • you know how to plan large events

      You cannot sell a luxury event without having prior experience. Our promise is the Masterclass will teach you and give you, through our workshop, the opportunity to experiment and build your confidence. The course will change you both professionally and personally.


      You will also have the opportunity to work, collaborate and exchange ideas with other experienced florists who attend the Masterclass. All these participants are sharing your passion for flowers and have the same ideals as you.


      Our first Masterclass event took place on June 2017 and was organized in a 5 stars hotel in Bucharest. It was well received by all participants who enjoyed working and experiencing with more 10 000 flowers. It was a successful, unique and true Masterclass experience, memorable for all participants.

We were the first in Romania to held a Luxury Masterclass course, dedicated to advanced florists or anyone willing to demonstrate their unlimited creativity and passion about flower arrangements.

Alina Neacsa.jpg

"We believe Alina Neacsa is a top floral designer in Romania, and her students benefit tremendously from her experience. We know she is a fan of garden roses in particular! 

So we see in Alina the perfect ambassador for beautiful flowers. And we just know that once you’ve had the chance to meet this amazing woman, we know you’ll always be working with her. If it’s for promotional activities, for the love of flowers, for growers, or just for the art, …we love Alina’s work"!

Parfum Flower Company

       „Timo Bolte is a highly talented German florist living and working in London. He has won legions of awards including a Special award in Japan for artistry; Gold in the Marriott Black Box competition; took part in the qualifying competition to find the German representative for the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup and awards in the Austrian Cup and Alpe Adria Cup.
Timo was the chief florist at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Vienna. For three years he worked for Gregor Lersch in Germany and is a volunteer in various environmental projects in the Botanical Garden in Tuebingen in Germany. Even as a child he was fascinated to learn as much as he could about plants and this became such an intense interest that he travelled to the Far East to learn more.“



Alison Bradley

Timo Bolte.jpg

          Timo Bolte uses flowers to transform mood and create ambience. With big budgets to spend on flowers, he creates installations that rival any museum exhibition. Known as the event florist for a reason: stubborn and determined, he is unwilling to compromise when it comes to artistic integrity. Traveling all over the globe to design the most lavish events.He has garnered worldwide acclaim for his artistic displays and collaborations with top design houses like Fendi and Chanel. Bold yet simple, with a unique twist on shape and colour, his floral creations have won the hearts of guests, celebrities, critics and even royalty, and put him on the map as an international tastemaker.Since he became a florist he had been a fan of hotel design and the flowers that accompany them. Living in Vienna he experiences extraordinary times since the first day of opening the luxury 5* hotel Ritz Carlton. He was the artistic director for more than 4 years. He leaded the new norm, sleek de-sign, the best materials and impeccable floral service. A hotel lobby is a space of imagination and theatre and somewhere he can go to experience life from a very different perspective.Timo is known for his flower arrangements that are truly works of art, and he has worked for some of the biggest celebrities. We caught up exclusively with Timo as he opened up about working with Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Tom Cruise and more. But there are also Russian oligarchs and Arabian princesses to name. His weddings and events are also held in Morocco, India and China, to name some out of Europe.

We are excited to announce our third edition of the most luxurious event dedicated to florists all over the world

Bucharest Romania 

Palatul Noblesse - Strada Sfinților 7

                                                                                DAY 1 - 10 august 

                                                           9:30-10:00 - welcoming florists

                                                         10:00-11:00 - trainers get to know you

                                                         11:00-14:00 -prepare the flowers

                                                         14:00-15:00 - lunch in Roberto's Restaurant

                                                         15:00-18:00 - continue creating floral arrangements


DAY 2 - 11 august

                                                          9:30-10:00 - brain food, coffee and lots of goodies

                                                         10:00-14:00 - creating the luxury design                                                                                                                                            14:00-15:00 - lunch in Roberto's Restaurant

                                                         15:00-16:00 - the last touch

                                                         17:00-20:00 - we are welcoming televisions, magazines and normal people  from all                                                                                      over the country to admire our luxurious flower display                                                                   

                                                         21:00-21:30 - award ceremony

                                                         21:30-23:00 - florist party 

                                                                  Your investment 1000 euro
The price includes:
           - unlimited open bar
           - 2 - coffee break + brain food  
           - lunch 
           - Gala dinner  Sunday night
           - flowers and all the materials for the event
           - Hands-on with Alina Neacsa and Timo Bolte
           - profesional  photo and video for your portfolio
           - the chance to be known world wide

***Accomodation and transport costs are not included in the price

If you want to be part of the elite florists and work with Alina Neacsa and Timo Bolte

 book right now.

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