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David Austin Athenee Palace Hilton

24 -26 IULIE 2020


         Ne bucuram sa te avem alaturi de noi in cele doua zile de curs si workshop intensiv.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     Thank you Federico Piva and Thom de Vries for your support and for the collaboration with our school Flowers with Fitze Academy.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     We had the pleasure of working with these spectacular flowers in one of our courses where students learned to make a bridal bouquet with David Austin roses and Scented Peony.

        Dupa terminarea acestui modul vei fi capabil sa duci la bun sfarsit orice fel de eveniment fie el personal sau corporate.


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   So if you want to work with the best quality flowers, I recommend this supplier and the flowers he sells as the best I have ever worked with.


         Cui i se adreseaza acest modul de curs si workshop?


         Fie ca esti novice in acest domeniu fie ca ai deja o afacere cu flori, poti veni cu incredere si inima deschisa si poti fi sigur ca vei invata cum sa gestionezi afacerea cu flori tinand cont de noile reguli COVID 19.


         -Ai posibilitatea sa comanzi directly from Groweri flowers that are cut in the morning of the day they leave for Romania; 

         -In medie florile sunt at least 3 days fresher than those purchased from the stock market;

         -Florile pe care le orders from the webshop come packaged separately, so you don't have to worry about handling them and certainly, apart from our team that will take them for hydration and delivery, the flowers will not be touched by other hands.

          -Iti livram florile la an optimal temperature directly to you in the flower shop because we understand the fact that time is a precious resource that we want you to use to be creative;

          -Daca nu ai o the cold room, we can host your flowers until the day you need them;


          -Verificam calitatea growerilor si periodically, we visit the Netherlands to discover premium flowers that you can work with;

          -Intelegem perfect care sunt the needs of a florist because we, too, faced the same problems;

           Ce vei invata si ce vei primi in cele trei zile?



-      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ What products do we use for their maintenance; Invatam cele mai importante tehnici despre ingrijirea florilor;

-         We use accessories;

-         Avoid losses;

-         price is calculated at the sale and arrangement of flowers_C8

-         The cut flowers live in bad conditions;

-         Technique of sealing and disarming flowers;

-        Prezentarea tehnicilor HAND TIED  si SPIRALA ;

-         packaged water for sale, marketing pack;

-             The above-mentioned bridal bouquet is constructed by a technique_C8

-        Cum realizezi o coronita din flori si un accesoriu floral pentru coafura miresei;

-         make a button_Cum8;

-        Cum se  construieste o lumanare de globe model wedding and a pillar candle;

-        Cum se realizeaza un aranjament in spuma floral (Oasis); 

-        Cum se realizeaza un aranjament de lux for the wedding on a crystal candlestick;


-           and you will successfully present it to clients_ your potential clients;

-           I do a lot of work with other colleagues;

-         Fitz will help you with the duration of the execution_ works;

-         open for drinks for the duration of the event;

-         Two hot coffee breaks per day;

-         every day of the lunch course;

-         For the future you will benefit from a professional photo portfolio. which you performed during the course;

-        Diplome de absolvire a cursului, semnate de trainerul Flori cu Fitze.

         Toti cei care participa la minim a Flori cu Fitze event will automatically become members of the Flori cu Fitze Academy, will benefit from a 10% discount on all the following courses to which they will participate and will be included in a closed group on Facebook where they will receive all the necessary information to grow their business, useful tips and solutions for the problems they face in this job.

-        Echipa Flori cu Fitze te va asista si te va ajuta pe durata executarii lucrarilor;


-        O zi dedicata afacerii pe timp de criza:

-        Cum faci un business plan;

-        Cum targetezi clientii in social media;

-        Cum eviti pierderile!

-        Cum se construieste imaginea din spatele unui Brand -  exemplu: Flori cu Fitze;

-        Cum se pot targeta viitorii clienti cu cele mai mici costuri (economisind pana la 75% din venituri);

-        Cum poti afla pe ce loc te situezi fata de concurenta;

-        Cum poti ,,fura,, clientii concurentei; 




-        Open bar pentru soft drinks pe toata durata evenimentului;

-        Doua pauze de cafea in fiecare zi;

-        Masa de pranz in fiecare zi a cursului;



          Toti cei care participa la minim un eveniment Flori cu Fitze vor deveni automat membri Flori cu Fitze Academy, vor beneficia de 10% discount la toate cursurile urmatoare la care vor participa si vor fi inclusi intr-un grup inchis pe facebook unde vor primi toate informatiile necesare pentru a-si creste afacerea, sfaturi utile si solutii pentru problemele cu care se confrunta in aceasta meserie.


         Plata se poate face in doua rate egale dupa cum urmeaza: prima transa pentru rezervarea locului la curs iar a doua transa se plateste pana pe data de 22 IULIE 2020.

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