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Venice, a city of dreams, where inspiration flows in romantic channels and echoes in every cobbled street. In this magical place, an absolutely extraordinary floral experience awaits you.

Here you will discover your unique artistic voice and learn how to express it through the language of flowers.

Led by the true visionaries of the floral world, this masterclass will spark your imagination, awaken your spirit and unlock your true creative potential.

Embrace the freedom to explore uncharted territory, challenge convention, and create artwork that reflects your inner passion and authenticity.

Venice, with its rich history and timeless beauty, will be your muse - a backdrop that inspires your creations and fills them with an unparalleled sense of wonder.








A fairytale event will take place in Dubai, inspired by the romance of Monte-Carlo. The event promises to be timeless and iconic, the Princes and Princesses Grand Ball is the setting for an amazing show. Outstanding artists, top performers, singers and dancers will beautify charm the eyes and hearts of the guests, who will enjoy an exceptional and opulent event. The heavenly melodies, the grandiose dances and the thrilling performances will take the lucky guests into a dreamlike Gala.

All those who participate will be delighted to step into this magical place, where they will be greeted by an amazing decor specially created by Alina Neacsa for this event.

Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled art of Alina Neacșa. With a remarkable reputation that transcends boundaries and a talent that knows no bounds, Alina has become a household name associated with stunning floral creations.

Alina Neacșa's journey to being one of the most famous florists in the world has been marked by unceasing dedication, an unwavering passion and a determination to push the limits of floral design. Her innate creativity and innovative approach made her a true pioneer in the industry.

With a perfect eye for detail and an impeccable sense of style, Alina has the extraordinary ability to transform ordinary flowers into extraordinary works of art. His arrangements are a harmonious combination of colors, textures and aromas, carefully crafted to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on those who admire them.

The most demanding clients in the world look to Alina Neacșa for her unparalleled experience and her transformative power over floral design. His client list includes celebrities, members of the Royal Family and industry leaders, who entrust him with their visions to be brought to life through his signature elegance and sophistication.

Apart from her immense talent, Alina impresses with her naturalness and warm personality, conquering her clients from all over the world. She takes the time to understand each client's desires and aspirations, ensuring that each creation reflects their individual style and vision. Her professionalism, along with her sincere passion for the art of floristry, has earned her a loyal following and an unparalleled reputation.

Alina's reputation extends far beyond spectacular floral arrangements. She is a highly sought after trainer and speaker, sharing her expertise and inspiring the next generation of florists to reach new heights of creativity. His workshops and courses are coveted opportunities for aspiring floral artists to learn from the best in the field.

From prestigious events to the most intimate events, the floral designs created by Alina Neacșa adorn the most exclusive locations around the world. His work has been featured in leading publications and his artistic vision has set trends and influenced the world of floral design.

Prepare to be enchanted by the art of Alina Neacșa. His creations transcend boundaries, bringing beauty and joy to all who experience them. From special moments to lifelong memories, each of Alina's creations transforms the space into a magical world, full of flowers and emotions.

Venice Grand Canal Aerial


The most luxurious and ample event organized by a Romanian floral designer in the world!


At this Masterclass we will decorate the ballroom in Burj Al Arab, the first 7-star hotel in the world, for its anniversary edition of 

The Grand Ball of Monaco – the 10th edition

Imagine luxury at the highest level combined with the delicacy of fragrant roses. The combination of French roses with their sublime fragrance and the powerful essence of oud, that is, the fragrance of the Arab Emirates that brings luxury and power!


In this Masterclass we want to take floral designers with the desire to step into the world of the best in the world. It is a unique opportunity in life to participate in such an event and to show the world who you are.

The event will be attended by around 200 people: aristocrats, noble people, as well as some of the richest people in the world.

Pink Sand

At this event you will work with tens of thousands of natural and fragrant flowers of the best quality selected especially for this event, they will beautify surround the magnificent ballroom of the Burj al Arab. The flowers are ordered 6 months in advance and will be taken care of with the greatest attention especially for this Ball.

The biggest Masterclass ever organized in Dubai at Burj al Arab.

Why participate in this Masterclass?

You will join the team of Alina Neacsa, the only florist in the world chosen by the organizing team to decorate the ballroom at Burj al Arab for The Grand Ball of Monaco event.

You will create a portfolio that is unique in the world and hard to match.

The largest and most important Masterclass organized by a floral designer from Romania.

What is the difference between the Masterclass and a regular course?

You will experience in real time the emotions and challenges in a live event where you have to manage any unforeseen situation that arises in the best possible way.

The experience gained during such a grandiose event cannot be learned in any normal course. 

You will find out how to organize an event in another country, how to choose suppliers, partners and discover the logistic process behind these events.



"One of the biggest challenges in your career" ALINA NEACSA:

"I always wanted to be different and to bring a new air with a lot of good taste to the world of those who love flowers.

Equally, I set out to organize exclusive events to which extremely few florists from all over the world can have access. The path I chose was not easy at all, but everything I experienced, saw and organized turned me into the brand I am today.

Anyone who seeks me or hears my name is expecting great things.

In 2021 I intended to "get out" of Romania to lands where Romanian floral designers do not dare and to create lush floral decorations for international companies, nobles or aristocrats, and here I am today, telling you about a unique event in the world in the luxurious Burj al Arab hotel.

The year 2022 brought with it two events in the most exclusive and luxurious 5-star hotels in Monaco. Hotel de Paris (known as the most expensive 5-star hotel in Monaco) and Hotel Hermitage (the second most exclusive hotel in Monaco).

The concept that we implemented in the last two years is unique in the world. I no longer teach simple courses, but invite floral designers on a real fragrant journey - at the highest level.

The experience of real events is unbeatable. No course in this world can compare with the strength and importance of a real event taking place in real time. The challenges you go through are worth a lot and they can only be learned, accepted and understood by living them.

Access to such a portfolio is otherwise impossible and the costs that would amount to creating a similar floral decoration are unrealizable. We are talking here about floral decorations that exceed 100,000 euros.

So, the day you decide to be different and accept truly great challenges, you become indestructible.

Easily, you will gain strength, courage and confidence and shape yourself in the most sophisticated way possible.

Burj Al Arab - The icon of Arabic luxury is one of the biggest challenges in my career so far and for the participating floral designers, it can be the chance of their lives.

How many people in this world can say that they have visited the great Burj Al Arab, let alone have the chance to create the royal floral decoration in the ballroom of the emblem of Dubai?!?

What for some may seem like an impossible dream, for others more daring and courageous, this is the turning point in their career, the moment when they establish their values and decide to detach themselves truly and unequivocally from any competition.

See you there!

Alina Neacsa MASTERCLASS trainer

hilton venice

Cazare cu mic dejun in camera dubla

29 august - 1 septembrie

La cerere – se poate opta pentru supliment de camera single


Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport

( disponibil pentru cei care vin cu acelasi zbor pe data de 29 august si pleaca pe data de 01 septembrie )


2 zile de Experienta Florala in hotel Luna Baglioni

Canal cruise

Experimentează farmecul Veneției intr-o croaziera pe canalele orasului.

Accommodation of the trainees is done at the Hilton Garden Inn Venice (or similar) depending on the availability of the hotels. The price is for a place in a double room (the room is shared with another student) or a single supplement can be paid. 


Optionally, at the request of the group, excursions can be organized:
Murano Island
  Gondola ride;
Visit to the city of Venice (San Marco Basilica, Doges Palace)
Serve a coffee in Caffe Florian, a 300-year-old cafe 
Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
Dinner at a restaurant along the canal
    Guided tour or tickets to the La Fenice theater

How was the Masterclass - Burj al Arab Dubai?

How was the Masterclass - Monaco at the Hermitage Hotel?

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