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The best offer available now, all 4 courses at a great price!

              You are passionate about floral designs and you want to translate this passion into a successful business.

You have unique, innovative ideas but don't know how to benefit from them, how to raise above standard and how to forward your business.

              You feel the need to advance your knowledge through formal training, seek expert advice but only find posted opinions on social media forums or sample designs created by others.

              Flori cu Fitze Academy was created special for you to help you overcome these limitations and allow you to achieve your maximum potential. At our Academy you'll find a safe and comfortable environment where you will learn:

  • the latest techniques for flower care

  • new methods and tools to create outstanding flower arrangements

  • best business practices specific to flowers industry

              Register for a free membership at our Academy and benefit from the following member advantages:

  • advanced information about new events organized by Flori cu Fitze

  • 10% discounts for all event registrations subsequent to participation to a fully paid event

  • additional discounts from our flower suppliers

  • design and business advice provided by our experts

  • access to forum groups monitored by the Academy where you can exchange ideas with other members.

Please state if you are a professional florist, if you work or have worked in this area, if you attended a floral event or if you attended professional training courses / workshops


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