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ALINA NEACSA - trainer




          Alina is a successful master florist and event organizer. With over 12 years of experience, she worked as General Manager for a company that administered 5 ballrooms and organized more  than 200 events annually.

I don't believe in coincidences! I think that things happen for a specific purpose and people meet for various reasons: but most of the time we meet people because we have something to offer or receive from them. 

          In her quest to improve her creations and to achieve higher quality standards, she attended formal training courses at U.K. FLORISTRY SCHOLL in London, under the supervision of Ian Lloyd, a  world-renowned designer and top florist in England.

In time, Alina became a recognized floral designer, that developed her own spectacular style characterized by elegance and usage of innovative flower combinations.


- Pick up from the airport;

          She created a series of educational workshops, intended both for beginners and experienced florists, where she presents various floral arrangements techniques as well as business insights.

Her Masterclass, unique in Romania, encourages the students to pursue their own ideas, explore their creativity, while offering a wide and rich assortment of flowers as working materials.

          The courses are highly sought after. More than 100 participants attended so far and, while completing the training, they also increased their love for flowers and they learned how to enhance the flowers beauty through creative designs.


          We believe Alina is a top floral designer in Romania, and her students benefit tremendously from her experience. Register for her Masterclass to convince yourself.

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